About Simon Mcneilly - Personal Trainer


I ve been running my own personal training business for 4 years'. Prior to this I worked for Britvic Soft Drinks. I held many responsible positions, which progressed promotionally to New Business Field Sales, Customer Development Executive and New Business National Account Manager.

I firmly believe people buy off people.

I was a highly respected, professional person, but, during the last few years of employment, I struggled with motivation & company focus. My release from a stressful day was to work out.

I realised I needed self-fulfilling future

From an early age, my parents encouraged my love for sport, and supported me implicitly. As a keen footballer I played for Tamworth, as well as my county, Staffordshire, and I also had trials for Aston Villa. I was a keen competitor in numerous running events, ranging from sprinting to long distance endurance running, and I also ran for my county, Staffordshire. Sport is my passion.

To control and fulfil my future, I needed a change of direction.

I decided to take a year out of my life, and study, to become a Personal Trainer. The education was exceptional! The more I learned the more I wanted to learn. It taught me how, for many years, I’d been training in vain, because it’s not what you use; it’s how you use it to achieve specific results.

My new direction is to help people who want to help themselves.

I train serious and like-minded people. You commit to me and I will commit to you. I will walk you every step, hand in hand, dedicating my time to help you achieve your goals. I will be totally focussed on you as an individual. I encourage a lifestyle change, which in turn will become a new life style trend. It’s hard and requires dedication; there are highs and lows, but together we will get you there.

Im firm but fair. I come down on you when necessary, but reward you when warranted.

Together, we will review your Lifestyle. Restructure and monitor your eating habits and fluid intake. I will also as check your calorie intake and calorie exacerbation, and focus on your current training technique. As your heart rate training zones are specific to you as an individual, I will design a programme uniquely tailored for you. I will implement core-strengthening work, which can be adapted in your daily life, including corrective posture and breathing techniques.

I assess current attitudes turning negatives into positives, keeping you focussed on attaining your goals.

In short, I look at what’s currently working or not working and help you do it better, effectively and structured.

Heres to your future and your health.