Your Training / Group or Personal Training


Welcome to Your Training Page


This is where you can decide which style of training is most suited to you and your friends.

You have many options while training with me. Our aim is for me to get the best out of you while training. Some prefer solice and one to one training, others feel they would train better with a friend. Some prefer to train with a small group of friends and enjoy the banter to inspire you. Which ever method best suits you we have a solution for.

The bottom line is to enjoy your training time. Research shows the more fun you inject into exercise the more your likely to do.

For this reason I have introduced 'Your Training' offering choices on how you'd like your training to be organised.

Take a look at the list below, if any of them appeal to you contact me & we can discuss in detail. All we need is a safe place to train. Then leave the rest to me.

  • One to One Specific Training
  • Groups of 2 People
  • Groups of 3 People
  • Groups of 4 People
  • Groups of 5 People
  • Groups of 6 People
  • Groups of 7 People
  • Groups of 8 People

Cost per peson is dependant on the number of people training in one session, contact me to discuss